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A certified My Breezzz leader that believes in creating a healthy environment for their people.

It has developed, with Italian and Californian partners, a natural catalysis product that allows the sanitation of surfaces over a long period of time. This product is also patented.

The offer of My Breezzz is complete: it analyses organic compounds in the air, particles, CO2, humidity, temperature, radon, etc. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it produces risk analysis and assessment reports and recommendations to certify your Breezz-X building.

provide your team a healthy environment

air monitoring & control

Right now, we are the only patented company in the world that gives the following information at the same time: CO2, VOC (Toxic Gases), Temperature, Humidity, Radon (carcinogenic), quality of surface cleanliness. With an artificial intelligence and information collected on site and in major international studies,we offer monthly reports on the air quality.

surface sanitization

We make use of a patented technology that uses the photocatalysis process; a natural process that destroys V.O.C. eliminates odors and achieves pure indoor air quality.
It is a process that mimics natural photosynthesis. This technology destroys COVID-19 viruses at 99.99% and remains effective for months.

air restoration

Imagine! Work, sleep or simply relax while living an experience in the great outdoors.O Our restoration solutions garantees that you will recreate ecosystems inside buildings that mimic the air of the forest or even the edge of an ocean.

are you ready for this challenge?

Around the world, the pandemic is coming to an end and a new challenge lies ahead. The bloomberg business announced in late 2021 that: indoor air quality will be the biggest challenge of the next decade.

At My Breezzz, we have partnered with leaders around the world to offer the best indoor air quality solutions.

Globally, we are the only ones to offer the first patented solutions for controlling, monitoring and restoring indoor air and surface quality.

And now we’re offering you a chance to become a My Breezzz franchisee.

the power of our solutions

(My Breezzz vs Regular)

Our solution (My Breezzz)

  • ENSURES continuous cleanliness of walls, ceilings and windows.
  • USES products that do not release VOCs.
  • DETERMINES bacteria, viruses and dust continuously.
  • MONITOR quality with a dashboard.
    • procedural videos.
    • air quality monitoring with a dashboard.
    • Reports with recommendations.

Common solutions

    • DO NOT keep walls, ceilings and windows clean on a continuous basis.
    • DO NOT use VOC-free products
    • DO NOT destroy bacteria, viruses and dust on a continuous basis
    • procedural videos
    • Certification
    • reports with recommendations

we are worlwide

Expected results with air quality according to clinical studies from prestigious universities:

  • 57% less absenteeism
  • 18% more productivity at work
  • 6,500 to $7,500 average savings per employee
  • 33% improvement in employee and customer retention
  • 50% potential reduction in maintenance costs.

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