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A certified My Breezzz leader that believes in creating a healthy environment for their people.

my breezzz certification

Indoor air quality doesn’t just affect you, it affects your employees, your clients, and your business relationships.

We are all touched by bad indoor air quality, even more amidst the COVID-19.

A My Breezzz certification means more productive, more focused and above all happier employees.

Are you recruiting? Do you want to provide the best work environment? We need 11,000 liters of air every day! That’s why the quality of that air matters.

Chose between our bronze, silver and gold packages below!

our certifications

My Breezzz offers different certifications depending on your level of transparency and of air quality monitoring.

Local Transparency

The bronze certification is for the enterprise in the evaluation and improvement phase. They want to start somewhere in improving their air quality, and this is the first step.

  • Basic air quality
  • Data is private, only available for the management of the company

Local and Web Transparency

The silver certification is for the enterprise that thinks of their employees and wants to make them more productive, healthier and happier.

  • Data is accessible for the employees
  • Surface sanitation system
  • CO2 Air quality monitoring 

Local and Web Transparency Air Quality Achieved

The gold certification is for the enterprise that is working hard to create the perfect environments for their people. They dedicate their time, finances & energy to improving the quality of life of their employees, plus their experience in their office with our state-of-the-art indoor air quality solutions. They are G.O.A.T.S. (Greatest Of All Times).
  • Completely transparent, the information is available to the general public, not just the employees
  • Surface sanitation system
  • Air monitoring of both V.O.C. & CO2
  • Daily reports 

how we started?

After the Marco Polo airport in Venice, Italy, and schools in California, USA, My Breezzz and its partners are launching My Breezzz and REair in Canada.

Knowing that indoor air quality is directly related to the rate of transmission of viruses and bacteria, offer yourself the My Breezzz certification.

Be among the first in Canada to be certified by My Breezzz!

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our solutions in detail

We offer the first patented solutions for surface and indoor air quality control,

monitoring & restoration.

Daily personalized reports

This platform can identify where the indoor air deficiencies are in our environment in REAL-TIME, and help us fix them. It’s the only solution that allows users to invest the time and money at the highest priority locations.

Sanitization system

A safe Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral solution for you. Our sanitization system is the best solution for sanitizing indoor environments: it can, in fact, be applied to any surface and, for this reason, its exceptional purifying action is ideal for any environment.

Air Monitor
This air monitoring service gives you accurate and complete data to truly take control of the air in your home. It is powered by an array of highly accurate sensors and an innovative cloud-based calibration.
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