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We offer the first patented solutions for surface and indoor air quality control, monitoring & restoration.

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Air quality is in direct correlation with our life expectancy, our mental and physical health.

Feeling tired? Fatigue? Low on energy? Drowsy? No need to visit the hospital, check your air quality first.

 The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us the importance of air indoor quality and that it is not just about air sanitization.

The air quality inside a building must be filled with different types of good bacteria that recreate the same balance within our body as walking in nature. By keeping these bacteria outdoors and not including them in our indoor environments, we are actually hurting ourselves.

In 2015, air pollution caused 8.8 million premature deaths!

That’s why we have created a unique air quality monitoring service as well as partnered with world-leading indoor air quality monitoring systems & maintenance.

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Now we have created a certification to help companies become air quality leaders, making the environment of their facilities healthier & secure. 

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Our solutions

Commercial institutions that see a large amount of foot traffic on a daily basis have a larger chance at accumulating harmful air. Our air quality solutions helps create a healthy ecosystem in your home.

Our air quality monitoring solution (AirQtrack), allows users to monitor their indoor air quality in real time…and provides solutions to improve their air quality.

Our surface solution (Reair), is a water-based, 100% environmentally friendly solution that is applied to surfaces and works with a physical process called photocatalysis.

Our air renewal solution (TakeAir), is a system that creates an inner microbiome that reproduces the same ecosystem found in a forest, in our own homes.

Those solutions will allow you to save money, invest time on the right priorities and improve your quality of life.

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It goes without saying that we must protect our biodiversity and ensure that we recreate this environment inside our buildings.

It is therefore essential that we understand what is happening inside our buildings and target our healthcare funds accordingly.

It is also important to better understand the consequences of our actions in order to better evaluate the best solutions.

It goes without saying, the information we collect will quickly become the key to technological advancements.

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